Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Kai Wang of the University of Washington wrote an interesting correspondence piece in today's Nature. It talks about the potential utility of a Wikipedia-esque resource for gene functions. That sure would have made my life easier back in grad school.

NatureJobs has a piece about better helping post-docs with any mental health problems that they may experience. [Unfortunately, the programs described in this article are few and not readily available to most post-docs. This is simply treating a symptom of a larger disease which afflicts most grad students and post-docs. The system in which they can find themselves trapped (6+ years of grad school followed multiple 3-4 years post-docs before being able to find a job) is the larger problem. I'm not saying that all grad students and post-docs want to kill themselves (I certainly didn't) but the lifestyle they have to put up with, and the amount of time they have to put up with it, is only going to drive them from traditional science.]


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