Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today in Science

Climate change

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says we have seven years to begin seriously fighting climate change. Reuters


Dozens of new species discovered in New Guinea. NYT, Reuters, BBC

NASA sees spending on international space station at expense of other programs in 2007 budget. BBC

Leech evolution: what more needs to be said? NYT


2007 budget includes cuts in medical programs and NIH funding. WP

Anti-HIV drug combo seen as protective against HIV-infection in monkeys. Reuters

NIH warns against AIDS treatment interruption. WP

HIV subtype may predict speed of disease progression and death. Reuters

Inheritance plays a role in very high percentage of Alzheimer's cases. Reuters

Whole grains can reduce diabetes and heart disease. Reuters


2007 budget includes $1.5B cut in Education Department funding. NYT

University of Nebraska professor podcasts his class. WP


Bush budget wants R&D money for reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. Reuters

IBM doubles chip speed. Reuters

Ethanol industry working to make production from corn more energy efficient. NYT

Flat panel TV prices are likely to drop drastically in the next few years due to supply glut. (Yippee!) Reuters


China threatens crackdown on polluters. Reuters


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