Friday, February 03, 2006

Today in Science

'Kama Sutra' virus, not so bad. Reuters, BBC

Bush advocates lifting cap on visas for foreign workers in the high-tech sector. WP

GM will outsource its IT services. Wipro to receive one of the contracts (see The World is Flat, right). NYT

Senate rejects extension of medicare drug benefit enrollment. WP
Plan seen to be less costly than anticipated, still somewhat dysfunctional. [Really very interesting.] NYT

Drug companies hope for more profitable 2006, owing in part to Medicare prescription drug program/approval of new drugs. NYT

Earmarks for Congressional pet projects divert money from governmental science agencies. NYT

Senate poised to continue doing nothing about climate change. Reuters
Which makes this news even more exciting. Reuters

NY Republican Mayor Bloomberg donates $100M to Johns Hopkins University for stem cell research. Reuters

Stem cell treatment for Lupus seen. WP

Good news from Zimbabwe (you don't hear that every day) about AIDS. Reuters, Science, The Guardian

Mixed news from the US about bird flu. Reuters, BBC

This just in: cocaine is bad for you. Reuters, BBC


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