Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Evangelical Christian leaders to support combating climate change. NYT

Swiss glaciers retreating. Reuters

Bush NASA appointee who attempted to silence a climate scientist and referred to the "Big Bang" as a "theory" never graduated from college. NYT


Study says low-fat diet does not cut risk of getting some diseases, as previously thought. NYT, WP, Reuters. Results of study disputed. BBC

The sooner the better for HIV-treatment. Reuters

Broccoli may fight cancer. BBC

China bans new cigarette factories. Reuters


More from the South Korea cloning scandal. Reuters

Life on Mars? BBC


EU blocking of US bio-engineered food imports declared illegal by WTO. BBC, WP, NYT

Hybrid cars win awards. Reuters

Senate Commerce Committee to hear testimony about regulating what companies can charge for different types of internet services. San Francisco Chronicle

London police force to start pilot project using ethanol. CSM

Cheaper iPods! Reuters, BBC. Not everyone is thrilled. Reuters


Advanced placement tests on the rise in US schools. NYT, WP


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