Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today in Science


Darwin must be so sick of being right. CSM

NIH announces two new research initiatives. Reuters, CNN

China to expand science spending, increase competitiveness. Reuters

First intact Egyptian tomb since King Tut discovered. Reuters

Oldest known tyrannosaur found in China. BBC, NYT


Indian AIDS vaccine tests move forward. Reuters

Potential new AIDS drug developed. BBC

Male circumcision may protect women from HIV transmission. Reuters

Climate Change

Polar bear may join endangered species list. CNN

After censoring scientists, NASA vows to change. Reuters

Reduction of snow in Rocky Mountains is slowing release of carbon dioxide. Reuters

China challenged on polluting, democracy. Reuters

China may turn to Canada for oil. Seattle Times

Sweden to become "oil-free" by 2020. BBC

UK mulls "carbon capture" strategy. BBC


US government plans massive internet data collection system. CSM

Yahoo helped China jail a dissident. WP, BBC

Europe vows to keep out bio-engineered foods, NYT as does Africa. Reuters

Congressional staffers use Wikipedia to alter their bosses' biographies in politically favorable ways. WP, BBC

Mohammed cartoon protests spill over onto internet. BBC


Bird flu found in Africa for first time. WP, BBC, BBC, NYT

First decline in cancer deaths since record-keeping began. NYT, CNN

Deaths attributed to attention deficit disorder drugs. Reuters, NYT


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