Friday, February 10, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Northern hemisphere warmest in 1200 years. BBC

Health risks from climate change likely to get worse. Reuters

Whale migration down. Reuters

Kyoto keeps moving forward - without the US. Reuters

UK unsure on adopting climate change measure. Reuters

Oil companies don't care about you. BBC


Two new drugs in a new class of antiretrovirals perform well in clinical trials. SF Chronicle

UN health experts declare that children with HIV/AIDS are being neglected. Reuters


Meningitis is very serious - the title of this article is not. BBC
[Note: BBC changed the title, originally it said "Snogging many risks meningitis".]


Knocking out brain protein improves mood in mice. Reuters

Iowa State trying to save "irreplaceable collection of research chickens". WP

South Korean cloning expert suspended. BBC


Blackberry has software fix ready in case lawsuit shuts down their current wireless email. WP, Reuters, Seattle Times, NYT, BBC

Microsoft is doing OK. Seattle Times, WP


Bush administration pushes budget cuts. Reuters

Japan looks to boost science spending. Reuters

Man with no credibility complains that his credibility is being questioned. NYT


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