Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today in Science


Drug that blocks Alzheimer's progression has been found (at my old employer, UCI, no less). BBC

Federal government moves to set up electronic health records for its employees. WP

US government is stocking up on antiviral medications ahead of bird flu. NYT

Japanese develop new Tamiflu manufacturing method. Reuters

BMS antibiotic may cause diabetes. Reuters

Patients love new diabetes drug that causes weight loss. NYT


South Africa sees progress in anti-AIDS campaign. Reuters


Microsoft says its new search engine will be better than Google, Reuters and they plan to release a handheld device to compete with iPod and Sony PSP (except with a crappier name). BBC, Reuters

Consumer Reports top ten includes no American vehicles. Seattle Times

Newspapers moving towards internet, away from newsprint. WP


NASA budget cuts means loss of scientific programs. NYT

New Mexico gearing up to build a "spaceport." Reuters

Climate Change

Car manufacturers looking to bio-fuels. Reuters

Wind farms kill bats. CSM


Congress looking to "reform" (i.e. destroy in the name of business) the Endangered Species Act. CSM Just another example of "the Republican War on Science" (see right) - along with this one: CSM

Stem Cells

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist questioned in fraud probe. Reuters, BBC


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