Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today in Science


Stem cells may be a source of cancer. NYT

Scientists bring their message to the people. [A good start.] NYT

Novel anti-ageing therapies could cause a dramatic rise in life expectancy. The Guardian


Blood transfusions in China are not routinely tested for HIV. Reuters


Bird flu likely to keep crossing avian-human boundary. Reuters

Transplanting insulin producing cells from pigs could cure diabetes. BBC

Exercise and increased mental activity preserve brain power as you age. WP

Drug found that may reduce damage of fetal alcohol syndrome. BBC

Climate Change

China desperately needs to deal with pollution. Reuters, Yahoo!, Reuters


IBM advances microchip technology. BBC, NYT, SF Chronicle


Anti-evolutionists can not supply data to refute "law of evolution" so they are using a petition. [Weak.] NYT

However, (as I've said before) not all Christians are anti-evolution. Reuters, BBC

Palm trees and fish provide new evolution info. NYT


Medicare drug program under enrolled. WP

Bush touts energy saving technologies. Seattle Times

Advocacy groups are trying to change the way junk food is marketed to kids. Reuters

Google formally denies US government access to its search data. BBC


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