Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today in Science


Happy Valentine's Day! Reuters

CT screening can ID lung cancer. Reuters

Medical records begin moving to digital format. Reuters

Eating at McDonald's is like eating slow-acting poison. Reuters

Chinese turn to fertility drugs? [In other news, rabbits swamp in vitro fertilization clinics.] BBC

World looks to stomp out tuberculosis by 2050. BBC

Climate Change

Evangelicals want action on climate change. CSM

Garbage trucks switching from diesel to natural gas. Reuters

Nuclear power again seen as viable option to oil in the UK. Reuters


Genetically modified crops are not yet living up to their potential. NYT


Intelligent design is going to have to evolve again. [Now that's irony.] NYT

Women in the UK may be allowed to donate eggs for therapeutic cloning, stem cell research. Reuters

Gay marriage may have same health benefits for homosexual couples as regular marriage has for heterosexual couples. Reuters, BBC

Congress to investigate internet companies who censor information in China. CSM


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