Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today in Science


Bush appointees at NASA limited, censored scientific reports released during 2004 election. NYT

Healthcare costs keep businesses from hiring new employees. Reuters

National Academy of Sciences to start human stem-cell research oversight panel because the Bush administration will not. NYT

Catholic Church urged to re-assess their stance on birth control. Reuters


HIV/AIDS drug to be sold cheaply in developing world. [Note: the drug is called atazanavir not atanazavir.] NYT


FDA defines 'whole grain'. Reuters

Europe aims to halt bird flu spread. NYT

Alzheimer's starts later in highly educated people but progresses rapidly. Reuters, BBC

Here's a cheery article about bird flu readiness. Reuters

Climate Change

Kyoto backers plead with US to help reduce greenhouse gases. Reuters


Toads develop longer legs to invade more territory near the city of Darwin, Australia. [Seriously.] Reuters, BBC


Microsoft getting ready to release new version of Office. Reuter

Most cell-phones will have GPS capability in 5 years. Reuters

Computers can tell you what you like. CSM


Venture capitalists back schools. NYT


Eco-farming seen as boon to developing nations. BBC


Giant electrical storm on Saturn. CNN


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