Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Today in Science


Bald eagle to be removed from endangered species list. CNN, SF Chronicle

Climate Change

Companies investing in wind power. NYT

Mazda rolls out gasoline-hydrogen powered car in Japan. Reuters

Kyoto goals for 2012 still attainable. Reuters

IEA tells members to increase renewable energy. Reuters


New anti-cancer drug shows promise, hefty price tag. NYT

Bird flu found in Austria and Germany. BBC, BBC


"Critical" security flaws found in Microsoft software. Reuters which doesn't bode well for their "virtual wallet". Reuters

Apple laptops with Intel chips are almost ready to go. Reuters, Seattle Times

MSN following Yahoo's lead and offering prizes for search engine use. WP

Yahoo calls for standardized practices in dealing with repressive countries. SF Chronicle

Online book trading sites gain in popularity. CSM


Ohio school board removes anti-evolution curriculum. NYT

Swiss priest says clergy are in no position to judge science. Reuters


Britain bans smoking. NYT, BBC

China shuts down web sites in fight against piracy. WP

Massachusetts Wal-Mart required to sell 'morning after' pill. Reuters


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