Friday, February 17, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Greenland's glaciers are melting faster. WP, NYT, Reuters, BBC, CNN, The Guardian

Conservation groups are suing the government over climate change. BBC


Global smoking deaths to double by 2020. Reuters

Bird flu vaccines are being developed and tested. Reuters, BBC But not fast enough. Reuters

Cancer drug used to treat accelerated aging syndrome (progeria) in children. BBC


Hole in ozone layer will not start to improve for several more years. The Guardian

NASA manned spaceflight is in a tenuous position. Reuters

Any story about "tiger poo" is worth reading. Reuters


Rare Mac specific virus found. Reuters, WP, NYT, BBC

India cannot supply enough high-tech workers to keep up with outsourcing demand. NYT 'iPod' on the way. NYT


Taking time off in college leads to a higher chance of not graduating. WP


30 million year old snake fossil points to evolution from lizards. SF Chronicle


Another approval decision at the FDA goes against the scientific advice. NYT

The FDA wants to charge drug companies fees to pay for the cost of the approval process. WP

Calls placed over the internet may be difficult/impossible to spy on. Seattle Times

Congress urges NASA to provide better science info to the public, be less of a political tool of the administration. NYT

Congress looks to stop internet gambling. BBC


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