Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Arctic ice is receding, soon possibly for good. NYT

NASA fingers ozone production as major source of warming in the arctic. Reuters

Coral reefs in the Indian Ocean may die off in 50 years due to warming. Reuters

BMW moves up timeframe for hydrogen powered cars. Reuters

Argentinian glacier collapsing.


Google may have to hand over some search data to the Justice Department. WP, Reuters, BBC, Seattle Times, NYT, FT

Radio frequency ID tags are susceptible to viruses. NYT, Reuters

iPods will deafen us all. Reuters, CNN

Movie theaters look to jam cell phones. Reuters


UK scientists to collect DNA samples from 500,000 people, track their lives. Reuters, BBC, Guardian


US to compile and publicize prices for certain health care procedures. Reuters

Specific foods shown to lower cholesterol. WP

FDA to streamline drug approval process. CNN, Reuters

Safety of sleeping pills questioned. Reuters


Bush admits struggles with prescription drug benefit. NYT


Brazil to dam rivers, flood Amazon habitats. Reuters


Next shuttle launch delayed. NYT, Reuters, BBC, CNN, USAT, WP, LAT


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