Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today in Science


Upcoming sunspot cycle may have serious effects on the Earth. SF Chronicle, LAT, Reuters, CNN, USAT


Scientists ID locations at risk for future mass extinctions. BBC, The Guardian, USAT

Climate Change

Energy from wind to triple by 2014. Reuters Especially in China. Reuters

Oil demand expected to be lower in the second quarter of 2006. Reuters


Not only did humans evolve, they are still evolving. NYT, The Guardian

And a family in Turkey may be devolving. BBC


Mercury content in sushi may be unsafe. Reuters


British TV networks trying broadcasting over the internet. BBC


Government trying to crackdown on militant animal-rights activists. CSM

"Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign" I will not be one of those Bloggers. NYT


It ain't cheap to be a mouse scientist. (Amen, brother.) CNN


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