Friday, March 03, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Antarctic glaciers are melting, causing sea levels to rise. NYT, BBC,, LAT, Reuters, The Guardian

Africa may lose a quarter of its water by 2100 due to climate change. BBC, The Guardian

The Iditarod dog race is feeling the heat of climate change. Reuters


Oil spill in Alaskan bay. Reuters, Seattle Times


Geneticists may have pinpointed the original life form from which all others evolved. The Guardian

Greatest...story...ever. Primates may have developed color vision to detect the "blush on someone else's rump". (This one is right up there with the BBC's "Snogging causes meningitis.") Reuters

Chimps, like Muppets, can co-operate. NYT,


Women taking oral contraceptives have more headaches. (Presumably this is the mechanism by which the women keep from becoming pregnant.) Reuters

Malnutrition saps a significant portion of poor nations' GDP. Reuters

Vaccine developed for ear infections. Reuters, BBC


NASA backlash against proposed budget cuts. CNN, USAT But they say shuttle missions, space station should be on schedule. WP, NYT, BBC


More hints about the intriguing new Microsoft product with the terrible name. WP, Seattle Times


Congress is trying to kill things again...oh Congress. SF Chronicle

Stem Cells

Case to decide the constitutionality of California's $3B stem cell initiative awaits a verdict. NYT

Stem cell issue dividing Republicans. Chi Tribune


New Mexican shark discovered in Mexico by Mexican scientist (from Mexico). Reuters

(I always enjoy the UCI stories.) HUGE scientist (I'm talking medical plaza named after huge) lost $3M in that Nigerian email scam everyone has gotten 3M times. LAT

Terrifying (This was the only heading I could think of for this story.)

Pentagon plans to use remote control sharks. (You could not make this up.) BBC


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