Friday, March 17, 2006

Today in Science

Climate Change

Warmer ocean water is causing stronger hurricanes. Nature,, LAT, Guardian

Ford to offer 0% interest financing on hybrids in CA, DC. (Too bad they are still SUVs.) Reuters


New data found on the 'Big Bang'. CBC, NYT, Reuters, CSM, USAT, ScienceNOW

Chances slim for a new mission to Saturn moon where water was found. USAT


FBI announces plans for new computer system. WP

California using GPS to track gang members. Reuters


Shocking (please note the sarcasm): Low-carb diets (Atkins) may be bad for you. Reuters, BBC, CNN

The obese are malnourished due to poor food quality. Reuters

Bird Flu

Bird flu found in Israel. Reuters, BBC


Some American nuclear plants are leaking radioactive water. NYT

Ivory-billed woodpecker. Extinct. Not-extinct. Extinct? NYT, BBC, CNN, USAT,, Nature


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