Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today in Science

Polar bears, hippos among 16,000 species added to international list of animals at risk of extinction. Reuters, CBC, LAT, BBC

Doug Wallace is right: Everything really IS about mitochondria. Diabetes may link to Alzheimer's via mitochondria. WP

FDA announces that marijuana has no medical benefits. (Potheads disagree.) LAT

UNICEF: Childhood malnutrition is as big a problem as ever. BBC, WP

Consumer Reports to start nutritional supplement database. WP

Organic compounds trapped in mineral deposits may show that life existed on Mars. ScienceNOW

Greenhouse gases keep going up. Reuters

China's glaciers are melting fast. Reuters

New treatment for anthrax victims. Reuters

iTunes downloads will stay at $0.99. FT

Amazon switches from Google to Microsoft. WP

Apple slow to patch security vulnerabilities. WP

Organisms living in tropical climates evolve faster. (Like they say, it's not the heat it'’s the humidity.) LiveScience.com, ScienceNOW, Guardian

President Bush says health care costs are too high. WP

New bird flu vaccine may work on other flu strains as well. WP

Travel restrictions won't stop bird flu. Reuters

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