Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today in Science

Birds can be taught grammar. CBC, WP, Reuters, Al Jazeera,, ScienceNOW

New possible obesity treatment found. BBC

The old will kill us all. Reuters

Iowa is immunizing college students against mumps. WP

Apparently people weren'’t fat enough, so the WHO is revising health guidelines so that more children are. Nature

NASA may begin working with China. USAT, CNN

UK has new plan for biomass energy. Reuters

Skilled workers are using lobbyists to get the green card process sped up for them. WP

Internet2...the sequel never lives up to the original. WP

Fish ancestor of all vertebrates with jaws found in Canada. CBC

Stem cells may be able to eliminate the need for dialysis. ScienceNOW

The US is not ready for bird flu. CNN

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