Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today in Science

Advances seen in breast cancer treatment and estrogen treatment found to not increase risk of breast cancer. Reuters, CNN, NYT, WP, BBC, CBC

High cholesterol linked to prostate cancer risk. BBC, Reuters

Biotechnology companies continue to surpass pharmaceutical companies in developing new medicines. WP

Seniors (who have signed up for it) are pleased with the Medicare drug benefit. WP

Study: Schizophrenia drug trials favor the drug made by the company sponsoring the trial. WP

Venus probe is now in orbit. BBC, CNN, WP

Harvard unveils telescope to detect light signals transmitted by aliens. CNN, Reuters

Russian space company lays out plans for moon, Mars missions. USAT

Recently discovered 10th planet in our solar system is only slightly larger than Pluto. WP, NYT

25% of plant and vertebrate species will be extinct by 2050.

Won't someone please think of the igloos?!?!?

2 Senators want free e-filing of taxes. WP

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