Friday, April 07, 2006

Today in Science

East African drought killing thousands, Reuters and new rains may be good and bad. Reuters

Here’s a shocker: The US is falling behind other countries in stem cell research due to President Bush’s ban on government funding. WP

Maryland Governor signs stem cell bill into law. WP

Bird flu hits Germany’s domestic poultry stocks. Der Spiegel

Maryland Governor signs air quality bill into law. WP

McDonald’s soybean use is hurting the Amazon. WP, USAT

The world is short 4 million health care workers. BBC, CBC

FDA delaying generic drugs again. WP

MS drug trial shows promise. Reuters

Scientists have found two black holes coming together. CBC, CNN

New rings found around Uranus. Reuters, CNN, WP, CBC, BBC

From the “you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t” file: Cleaner air may be aiding global warming. BBC

Siberia is melting. Nature

Researchers have engineered viruses that can build wires for tiny batteries. Reuters

Discovery channel video to be added to Google Earth. WP

New .eu domain name begins for European Union. BBC

Researchers explain the evolution of new molecular machine from pre-existing proteins. NYT

New study on ant evolution. Reuters,, ScienceNOW

President Bush tries to sell his health care initiative. NYT

Congress may ban junk food from schools. WP

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