Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today in Science

Bladders that were grown in laboratories have been successfully transplanted into humans. WP, NYT, WP, BBC, CNN, Reuters, CBC, Guardian, Nature

Electronic bi-focals are on the horizon. ScienceNOW, Nature, Guardian, LiveScience.com

Food companies don’t care about you. BBC, Reuters

Mumps epidemic spreads outside of Iowa. Medpage Today (via CNN)

World Health Organization says drug companies should cuts prices in poor countries. Reuters

Going to church will make you live longer. LiveScience.com

Study: Rise in Autism rates due to better diagnosis, not epidemic. CBC

Safety of Splenda questioned. Reuters

Gold nanoparticles may be able to rapidly detect biotoxins. BBC


The Ugandan army will no longer train HIV positive soldiers. BBC

Mars orbiter is moving closer to the planet. CNN

Chinese robots on the moon? Reuters

California looks to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions. Reuters

Global warming 250 million years ago caused the biggest mass-extinction in Earth’s history. USAT

Cooling in eastern Antarctica is hurting migratory birds. ScienceNOW, LiveScience.com, BBC

Glaciers in the Alps may be devastated over the next century. BBC

Court case holds key to future of TiVo. WP

Scientists trying to engineer ‘minimal genome’ lifeforms. BBC

China and Australia reach deal on uranium. Der Spiegel

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