Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bush May Believe The World is Flat (In the Smart Way, Not the Dumb Way).

I was listening to the Seed Magazine podcast for 3.16.2006 concerning an article that describes how, along with a National Institutes of Health report (PDF), The World is Flat (see right) actually influenced the Bush administration's position on funding science.

It is a stunning thing to read members of the administration quoting or paraphrasing from Tom Friedman's book. I imagine Friedman himself would be stunned.

The fact that Washington insiders are listening to The World is Flat to inform policy decisions bolsters my belief that, not only will this book be one of the most successful (top ten on Amazon since its release last year), but also one of the most influential of the decade. In fact, considering the Bush policy shift toward Friedman's positions on funding science and education/training, it may end up having a great amount of influence on the coming decades.

Read it. If you don't buy it from Amazon, buy it somewhere. Or go to the library. Or borrow it from someone. (Actually, according to Amazon, an update is coming out on April 18. So, you may want to wait for that.)

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