Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today in Science


Drug combination to be tested as HIV preventative. NYT, LAT

Most pregnant women with AIDS do not get the proper drugs to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. BBC, Reuters


eBay Supreme Court patent case may have larger implications for software, pharmaceutical industries. WP, Reuters, SF Chronicle, Seattle Times

US returns to top of international IT rankings. FT

Video games seen as a way to maintain mental acuity past middle age. WP


Researchers combine brain cells, computer chip. LiveScience.com

Yum! Scientists want to grow meat in the kitchen in a bread maker-like machine. CBC


People who drink and smoke need to be tested for colon cancer earlier than those who do not. Reuters, CBC

China to ban sale of transplant organs. BBC, Reuters


Funding restored for NASA asteroid mission. Reuters, CNN, LAT, BBC

Climate Change

US power company wants national plan to avoid global warming. Reuters


Wal-Mart to support organic foods. Seattle Times

President of Brazil says rich countries need to do more to preserve the Earth'’s biodiversity. BBC


Nobody wants to pay for education. NYT, not even Democrats. NYT

Bird Flu

The New York Times is running several articles on bird flu today. NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT


Microsoft running out of time to avoid massive fines from the EU. Reuters

Federal election committee votes to keep virtually all internet political activity unregulated. WP, NYT

More proof that cable companies do not like competition: they are refusing to broadcast ads that support legislation making it easier for phone companies to get into TV. WP

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