Friday, March 24, 2006

Today in Science News

Climate Change

Scientists see possible irreversible rise in sea level. NYT, Reuters, BBC, CSM, CNN,, Nature

Northeastern states detail carbon emission reduction plan. Reuters


250(?) year-old turtle dies in India. CBC, CNN

Demand for cheap Chinese furniture is depleting Asian forests. Al Jazeera


UN says world must increase efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in children. Reuters

African Tuberculosis crisis worsened by AIDS, poverty. Reuters


Total cases of Tuberculosis at record lows but incidence of drug resistance increasing in US. WP, NYT, LAT

Type I diabetes may be cured by suppressing a specific immune attack on the pancreas. NYT

Fish oil may not have health benefits. BBC, Reuters

Flu season lasting longer than usual. CNN


Microsoft changes up Windows division after Vista operating system delay. WP, Reuters, Seattle Times, NYT

New version of Microsoft Office expected in 2007. Reuters

Google to join S&P 500. FT, NYT

Movie theaters look to 3D sports presentations to boost sales. Reuters

Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) video games to be available online. BBC, SF Chronicle, FT, Seattle Times

Nanotechnology may have been used to produce a computer circuit. NYT, BBC

Online Encyclopedia Britannica disputes Nature paper which said Wikipedia is comparably accurate to it on science. BBC


Enrollment in Medicare drug plan rising. Reuters

Stem Cells

Stem cells used to repair tendons in horses. Reuters


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