Monday, March 20, 2006

Today in Science


Cabinet drills on possible smallpox attack. NYT, Reuters

Google must provide the government with much less info than was requested. Yahoo!, NYT, BBC, Al Jazeera

Chairman of the House Science Committee to retire. ScienceNOW

Climate Change

Federal appeals court blocks exemptions from Clean Air Act introduced by the Bush administration. NYT, CSM

Human Genome scientist turns his attention to designer microbes for alternative energy production. Seattle Times

Rural India turns to biofuel for electricity. BBC


Life from Earth may have reached distant moons. BBC, Nature

One of the Mars rovers looses use of a wheel. BBC, USAT


New mechanism to fight HIV infection discovered. BBC


Two more women die after taking RU-486 (abortion drug), exact cause unknown. WP, CNN

Plan to eliminate polio is having trouble being completed. NYT

Scientists develop bionic muscles. BBC


Dell plans to double its Indian workforce by 2009. WP, Reuters

Price of flash memory to drop dramatically in 2006. BBC

Stem Cells

South Korean stem cell scientist (finally) officially fired. Reuters


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