Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Upgrades and Apologies

Well I screwed up today.

A little backstory. I got a new computer yesterday and, when I was putting 'Today in Science' together last night, I used the new MS Word and it automatically 'corrected' all my hyperlinks so that they did not work. So, this morning, when I finished it up and posted it, I decided not to check each link to make sure it worked - which I always do. So, of course, this was the day there was a problem. Anyway, I apologize and they have all been fixed. (The new computer is sweet, BTW.)

Additionally, I updated the books section and I'll write something about the two new books later. For now, both Misquoting Jesus and the Dalai Lama's book are good. Reading Reading Genesis One is like beating yourself in the head. It's very interesting, but it's trying to teach me ancient Hebrew along the way - and that's hard. That's why since I started reading it I've read one other book and started a second.

I also added some more links on the right. The most notable two are Juan Cole and Asharq Alawsat. Juan Cole writes a daily update on news from and about Iraq and the Middle East. It a nice and depressing way to start your day. Asharq Alawsat is an Arabic daily (in English) that gives a perspective on world events from the Middle Eastern point of view. It's interesting to see another side. The rest of the links are some of the better news sources that I read.

So, that's all for now. Sorry about today, but I hope the new additions will be useful.



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