Monday, March 27, 2006

Today in Science News

Stem Cells

Scientists claim to have generated embryonic stem cells by de-differentiating adult stem cells from mice testes. WP, CNN, ScienceNOW, Nature

Genetic Engineering

Now this is better living through science: scientists produce pigs whose meat contains healthy fats. NYT, BBC, Reuters, LAT

Climate Change

Wind power to grow faster than anticipated in UK. Reuters, BBC


Yet another ‘missing link’ discovered in Africa. CBC, CNN,


‘Guinea worm’ nearing eradication. NYT

Medical marijuana back in court. WP


Three new security threats to Internet Explorer seen. BBC

New internet phone services debut. WP, LAT


Germans (my people) are the smartest Europeans. Al Jazeera

Schools across the country are cutting down their curriculum to meet ‘No Child Left Behind’ standards. NYT


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