Monday, April 03, 2006

Today in Science

Group (from Irvine, CA) claims to have turned human testis cells into stem cells. [I wrote about a similar discovery in mice here.] WP,

Leaked document details the UK's plans for mass grave in the result of a bird flu epidemic. BBC

Eco-friendly fishing sees increased demand. CSM

Gene therapy may have cured two men with a rare disease. LAT


HIV infections are declining in San Francisco. WP

AIDS group critical of South African government barred from UN AIDS summit. BBC

Extended cell phone use increases the risk of brain tumors. Reuters

Nicotine reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Reuters, WP

Mumps epidemic in Iowa. WP, NYT

Genetic cause of epilepsy found. WP

Childhood obesity is overwhelming current child car seats. WP, Reuters

Mutant gene ups risk of kidney cancer. BBC

Debt relief in Zambia results in free health care. Reuters

Germany to spend over $600 million on alternative fuel research. Reuters

New eco-friendly building opens in Beijing. CSM

Major movie studios to begin selling feature film downloads over the internet. WP, NYT, LAT, BBC, FT

Sharper, lighter HDTV on the way. NYT

Talks between Microsoft and the EU reach a 'breakthrough'”. BBC

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