Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today in Science

US to slightly raise fuel efficiency standards on trucks, SUVs. Reuters

‘Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative’ in northeast US states looks to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants. Reuters

British Prime Minister calls for work on post-Kyoto agreement. Reuters

UK to fall short of goals on CO2 reduction. Guardian


World Health Organization has fallen well short of goal on AIDS treatment. LAT

Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections account for increased medical costs. WP

Diabetes amputations are unnecessarily common. BBC

Solar eclipse to be seen today in Brazil, parts of Africa, Asia. CNN, Reuters, BBC, Reuters

Microsoft cuts price of dial-up service to compete with AOL. WP

The Beatles are suing Apple Computers over copyright infringement. WP, BBC

Security firms patch Internet Explorer bugs before Microsoft. BBC

Number of people who want to be buried with their cell phone is increasing. BBC

Scientists recreate San Francisco quake of 1906. SF Chronicle

27% of schools are not living up to ‘No Child Left Behind’ Standards. WP

Bible to be used as textbook in Georgia. NYT

Iran increases censorship of blogs. LAT

Internet companies concerned about legislation that would allow phone and cable companies to block certain websites. WP

Paralyzed rats partially cured by mouse brain stem cells. CBC, Reuters

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