Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today in Science

Solar eclipse was neat. Pictures: BBC, Reuters

First Brazilian astronaut to launch today. Al Jazeera, Reuters, BBC, CNN

Scientists believe there may be ‘moonlets’ concealed in Saturn’s rings. CBC

NASA releases new maps of Jupiter. BBC

The brains of intelligent children develop in very specific ways. WP, CBC,, ScienceNOW, Nature, NYT, LAT

President wants to hold schools accountable for science education in ‘No Child Left Behind’. WP


HIV infection has fallen by a third in parts of India. BBC

Protein identified that may be involved in cancer metastasis. WP, Reuters

C-sections may be safer for certain women. WP

The World Bank says climate change severely threatens East Asia’s economy. Reuters

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (US may legalize cell phone use on flights…and civilization ends.) CSM

Apple releases software update that lets parents set maximum volume on kids’ iPods. Reuters, WP, LAT, BBC, Al Jazeera

EU: Microsoft’s Vista may violate anti-trust laws. Seattle Times

Microsoft’s trouble with the EU is Apple’s gain. Reuters

Google keeps beating everyone else’s brains in. SF Chronicle

Intel releases PC designed for use in rural India. FT

Bird flu vaccine only protects about half of those who receive it and it requires a high dose. NYT , LAT, CBC, Reuters

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