Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today in Science

Caloric restriction may extend life span in humans. Reuters, NYT, LAT, BBC

Massachusetts to begin providing universal health care. NYT, LAT

Premature babies can feel pain. BBC, Reuters

Iowa mumps outbreak may be due to vaccine failure. MedPage Today (via CNN)

Rise in obesity in US women has plateaued, men and kids keep getting fatter. WP, LAT, CNN, CBC

EPA draft of new air quality standards is strongly the EPA. CSM

Scientists discover lifespan extending gene. ScienceNOW

FDA questions makers of Anthrax vaccine. WP


Funding for abstinence programs in President Bush's AIDS plan criticized. WP, Reuters

Ginger, hot peppers seen as cancer treatments. Reuters

Taking COX-2 inhibitors reduces breast cancer risk Reuters as does eating soy. Reuters

Future prairie droughts will be worse than the days of the Dust Bowl. CBC

Senate moves (incredibly slowly) to (possibly) cap greenhouse gas emissions (at some indefinite point in the future). Reuters

Apple releases software allowing Macs to run Windows. WP, Reuters

IBM is paying for it's retiring employees to become math and science teachers. WP

Jesus could have walked on ice. Reuters, CNN,

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