Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today in Science

Possible “missing link” between land and water animals found. WP, NYT, BBC,, Nature, CSM, USAT, CBC, FT

Bacteria seen transferring genes with each other using viruses. CSM

The White House is stifling government scientists’ ability to speak freely about climate change. WP

Pacific Ocean is becoming more acidic.

Research on mice may yield better pain relievers. WP

Researchers restore visual response in blind mice., ScienceNOW

Merck loses one Vioxx case and wins another. WP

Benzene found at unsafe levels in pop. WP

“Disk of dust” may tell scientists about planetary formation. CBC, CNN, USAT

Bird flu has reached the UK. Reuters, BBC

Cats may carry bird flu. BBC, CNN, CBC, WP, NYT

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