Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today in Science

More patches for Microsoft Windows. BBC

New Google search technology may mean you won't even need to go to the relevant website. FT

Probe reaches Venus. BBC, CNN, WP, Al Jazeera, WP, Reuters, Nature

NASA to crash a probe into the moon to look for water. Reuters, CNN, USAT, ScienceNOW, WP, Nature

States try to woo biotech industry, dollars. WP, DN

Prehistoric sloth bones found in the Everglades. USAT, WP

Scientists work to regenerate limbs in mammals, as in some amphibians. BBC, NYT


CVS stores in DC are locking up their condoms. WP

Abortion pill ruled out as cause of death for 1 of 2 women. CNN, Reuters, WP

Group trying to ban fat-blocker Xenical (orlistat). WP, Reuters

Cold medicines are being moved behind the counter in Canada to combat the production of methamphetamine. CBC

Virus linked to multiple sclerosis. Reuters

FDA: Benzene found in diet soda should not be harmful. WP

Dietary supplement maker markets "genetically specific"” supplements to minorities. WP

Drug companies are stirring up fear of mild or non-existent diseases to sell more drugs. BBC, Guardian

New guidelines for ovarian cancer help doctors, better screening tests still needed. Newsweek

Nanoparticles used to kill cancer cells. Reuters

Global warming to cause mass extinctions. Reuters

57% of Americans would consider buying a hybrid car. LiveScience.com

California'’s stem cell agency awards it's first grants. LAT

Here's an interesting article about the film "”Flock of Dodos"” that I'’ve written about before. NYT

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