Thursday, April 13, 2006

Today in Science

Yet another link found in the chain of human evolution is found. NYT, CBC, Reuters,, WP, CNN

Fish found that hunts on land. Nature, CBC, BBC,, NG

Researchers find a way to reverse cell division. BBC

US fast food has more trans-fat. CNN, WP, Reuters, Al Jazeera

Massachusetts Governor signs new universal health care bill into law. WP, Reuters, NYT, WP

Midwestern Mumps epidemic keeps spreading. WP, CNN, NYT

Scientists are working to make a cheap anti-malaria drug. BBC, Reuters, ScienceNOW, Guardian

New diagnostic tests may make medicine more personalized. NYT

UK girl has heart transplant reversed. BBC, Reuters, Guardian

Terrorists are concerned about their internet security. WP

Sprint to allow GPS tracking of children. Seattle Times, WP

Software maker plans Quicken for health care. WP

New type of light bulb may completely replace the old. BBC, Guardian

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