Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today in Science

New breast cancer drug has fewer side effects than current standard of care. WP, CNN, CBC, Reuters, WP, NYT, LAT

New carnivorous dinosaur discovered, bigger than T. Rex. NG, WP, NYT, LAT, BBC, LiveScience.com

Octupi have elbows. LiveScience.com

Internet moguls are investing in Green technologies. WP

20 years later, the area around Chernobyl has been reclaimed by nature. Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel

Possible major volcanic eruption seen in Indonesia. WP

New proposed Federal law that would ban unhealthy food from schools faces opposition from the food industry. Newsweek

Wal-Mart to (slightly) increase some health care benefits. Reuters, WP

50% of people are not given the right screening tests when they go for a checkup. WP

Greenpeace: UN report on Chernobyl grossly underestimates its negative health effects. BBC, Reuters

California may try limiting greenhouse gas emissions. CSM

Million year old ice sample may yield info about climate change. Reuters

President of China to visit Microsoft and Boeing in Seattle. WP

Boeing to cut jobs in Wichita, Kansas. Seattle Times

The first High Definition DVDs go on sale today. Reuters

Amazon.com now selling food. FT

US graduate programs see greater international competition, dropout rates. WP, WP

Some schools in Washington, DC are going to offer students 3 meals a day. WP

Increased expression of bone-growth gene may account for bats flying ability. ScienceNOW

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