Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today in Science

New fossil suggests snakes evolved on land, not in water. CBC, WP, CNN,, NG

Scientists demonstrate evolution of complex molecular biological systems. CSM

New study confirms significant climate change over the next century but says we may not see the worst case scenario. WP, NG

Spain is doing a terrible job of meeting its Kyoto goals. Reuters

Canada urged to do more to fight climate change. Reuters, CBC

UK group launches petition in favor of animal research. Guardian, BBC

Mumps epidemic is spreading like, well, like a virus. WP, NYT, WP, Reuters, LAT

Death rate drops sharply in US (LAT, WP, WP ), but is rising in Afghanistan. WP

Mozilla issues security updates for it's Firefox browser. BBC

Yahoo! once again accused of helping the Chinese government to jail a user. [Lesson to the Chinese: Stop using Yahoo!] WP

Girls have higher High school graduation rates than boys. NYT

US to cull flocks of birds with suspected bird flu. CNN

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