Saturday, July 15, 2006

This Week in Science


Once daily HIV pill containing 3 drugs approved. WP, CBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, AP, AP, NYT, BBC, LAT

Darwin’s finches have evolved while scientists watched., Nature, AP, AP

Any kind of physical activity helps the elderly live longer. WP, AP, AP, CBC, Reuters

Senate votes to allow importing prescription drugs from Canada. Reuters, AP, AP

Western Africa’s Black Rhino’s may be extinct. Reuters, BBC, Guardian, NG

Analysis of mammoth genes reveals their coat color. BBC, Guardian, Nature, AP, AP

Gene expression varies between the sexes. Reuters, Nature

The shuttle is deemed safe for return to Earth. WP, Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera, NYT, AP

Researchers have grown sperm from mouse embryonic stem cells. BBC

President Bush will probably veto any stem cell bill. AP, AP

Bird flu in Spain. AP, AP

Bird flu vaccine ready for human trials. Guardian

Indonesian bird flu deaths reach 41. BBC, AP, AP

New sensor allows paralyzed man to move computer cursor with his mind. Reuters, NYT, ScienceNOW, NG, BBC, CBC, LAT

Speaking of advancements for the betterment of mankind: 103-inch TV! Reuters

Over 30 states are suing microchip manufacturers over alleged price-fixing. NYT, LAT, Reuters, AP, AP


Nobel laureate’s paper to suggest introducing sulfur into the stratosphere to fight climate change. Nature

Oil companies are investing in alternative energy. NYT

New study shows that biofuels made from corn and soybeans will not solve our energy crisis. Nature, AP, AP

North Korean missile may have been aimed at waters near Hawaii. Der Spiegel

House passes online gambling restriction bill. WP, BBC, AP, AP

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