Monday, July 10, 2006

Today in Science


100s of species of amphibians are endangered by global warming. BBC, Guardian

Oil companies are investing in alternative energy. NYT

DC Zoo’s Panda cub turns 1. WP, AP, AP

Western Africa’s Black Rhino’s may be extinct. Reuters

Analysis of mammoth genes reveals their coat color. BBC, Guardian, Nature, AP, AP

Iraq’s marshes are recovering, but only slowly. NG

Gene expression varies between the sexes. Reuters, Nature

The shuttle is deemed safe for return to Earth. WP, Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera, NYT, AP

Not so fast on Microsoft iPod. BBC

Higher education in Iraq is suffering due to the war. WP

Researchers have grown sperm from mouse embryonic stem cells. BBC

The stem cell issue may be pivotal in some political races this fall. WP

Bird flu in Spain. AP, AP

China has started a website to teach Chinese. Reuters

North Korean missile may have been aimed at waters near Hawaii. Der Spiegel

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