Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today in Science


The Supreme Court will hear a case requesting that the EPA label CO2 a pollutant. CSM, WP, BBC, ScienceNOW, AP, AP

More glaciers will melt in the near future. WP

Scientists have developed different ideas to reduce global warming. NYT

People are upset over the killing of Bruno the German bear. Der Spiegel, BBC

Here is another recap of his exploits. Der Spiegel

Species of snake with chameleon-like skin discovered. Reuters, BBC, AP, AP

The US and other countries are leading a fight to keep commercial whaling illegal. WP

A change in blood sugar levels in relocated Rhinos may lead to more male than female offspring. ScienceNOW


Washington, DC is promoting broad HIV testing, estimates high number of HIV-positive residents. WP, BBC, WP

Coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes. Reuters

EU to rule against Microsoft in anti-trust case. FT, Reuters, BBC

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist to restart his work in a new lab. Reuters

Borders probably will not close during bird flu epidemic. AP, AP

Study: Men with many older brothers more likely to be homosexual due to conditions in the womb. WP, BBC, AP, AP, CBC, Reuters, LAT, Guardian

1200+ pound man in Mexico has lost 200 pounds. AP, AP

More on Warren Buffet and the Gates Foundation. WP, Reuters, Der Spiegel, AP, AP

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