Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today in Science

Chinese scientists say 2003 SARS death was actually due to bird flu, then ask for report to be withdrawn. NYT, Reuters, AP, AP

Indonesian family died of human-to-human spread bird flu. AP, AP

Statins may fight bird flu. Reuters

Stephen Hawking to publish paper on the origins of the universe. Nature

Southern San Andreas fault is due for a major earthquake. CBC, Nature, NG, Reuters, AP, AP

President Bush returns national parks to policy of conservation ahead of human access. CSM, NG, WP, AP, AP

Breast implants do not increase risk of breast cancer. Reuters

Over 14% of Americans did not have health insurance last year. Reuters

Condoms shown to protect against cervical cancer causing virus. NYT, AP, AP

New diabetes drugs have booming market. NYT

Vasectomies can cause damage to sperm. BBC, Reuters

Despite concerns, NASA safety chief will not appeal shuttle launch date. Reuters, WP, NYT, AP, AP

Magnetism, along with gravity, contribute to the attractive force of black holes. NG


Biomass looks to replace oil to fuel the nation. (Nebraska to be the new Saudi Arabia.) WP

"“Clean energy"” tax on oil to be voted on in California. Reuters

AT&T decides it owns you. Reuters

I have been waiting for this: ACLU files suit over Miami-Dade school system ban on children'’s book about Cuba. NYT

67 academies of science urge teachers and parent to teach facts of evolution to children. CBC, BBC

Satellites are being used to monitor human rights violations around the world. CSM announces it has census records from 1790-1930 online. AP, AP

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