Monday, June 19, 2006

Today in Science

Next shuttle launch set for July 1, safety concerns linger. NYT, LAT, WP, CNN, BBC, Guardian, AP, AP

First satellite for Kazakhstan in orbit. Reuters, BBC, AP, AP

China wants a man on the moon by 2024. Reuters

Scientists develop new rapid test for genetic defects in embryos. Reuters, BBC, Reuters, Nature, Guardian

Synthetic blood vessels?

Download a personal trainer. NYT

Ethical issues involved with mixing human and animal cells in the lab discussed. AP, AP

Interview about Bruno the German Bear. Der Spiegel

Pro-whaling nations vote for resumption of commercial whaling but come up short. WP, AP, AP, BBC, Reuters

This article is about how DNA testing can identify individuals with high risk of certain cancers and the extreme preventative measures they can take. (For example, having their stomachs removed.) AP, AP

Philip Morris executive wants tobacco to be regulated by the FDA. NYT


New class of HIV drugs carry serious side effects. AP

CEO of BP talks about global warming, etc. Der Spiegel

Microsoft is making rival for iPod, iTunes. Reuters

Data mining experts wonder how NSA program may be effective. WP

Student loan interest rates set to rise. WP

"Teach for America" Program is drawing top talent. AP, AP

Possible compromise on net neutrality legislation. Reuters

North Korea prepares for missile test. WP, LAT, AP, AP

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