Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today in Science

Congress subcommittee approves weak budget for NIH (again). ScienceNOW, AP, AP

Scientists discover dwarf dinosaur. CBC, Reuters, BBC,, NG, AP, AP, WP

Special trap flown in from Denver to catch rogue German bear. Der Spiegel

Australian report says high fat diets do not increase risk of skin cancer. Reuters


New drug blocks assembly of HIV virus. BBC

Wendy's to use non-hydrogenated cooking oil (i.e. much less trans-fat). AP, AP

ACE inhibitors may cause serious birth defects in the first trimester of pregnancy. WP, NYT, Reuters, LAT, AP, AP

Congressional advisory committee recommends universal health care. AP, AP

Cholera outbreak in Angola. AP, AP

Britain has appointed a special envoy to build international relationships to fight climate change. BBC

Climate scientists say Al Gore's global warming movie is basically correct. CSM

Large majority of hunters and fishermen believe US should be a leader in fighting global warming.

Microsoft is letting anyone download the beta version of the new Vista OS. BBC

Australian rocks may hold evidence of some of the earliest life on earth. Reuters, BBC,, NG, WP, AP, AP

China blocks uncensored, English version of BBC

Times have changed since I was in college: Students like iPods more than beer. AP, AP

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