Thursday, June 01, 2006

May in Science

Pop is out of school! WP, CNN, WP, NYT, CBC

FDA announces that marijuana has no medical benefits. (Potheads disagree.) LAT

Study: Marijuana smoking does not increase lung cancer risk. Reuters, ScienceNOW, WP

Merck may have discovered new class of antibiotics. WP, CBC, ScienceNOW, BBC,

iTunes downloads will stay at $0.99. FT

Draft of Federal bird flu plan released. NYT, CNN


Newsweek ran a series of articles about 25 years of the AIDS epidemic. Newsweek

HIV originated in chimpanzees. Nature, AP, NYT, BBC, CBC, WP, Reuters,, NG

The NSA knows who you have been calling. WP, WP

Cloak of invisibility? CBC, Reuters,, Nature, NG, AP

Scientific journal publishers are not happy about bill which would require free access to journal articles about US funded research. NYT

Neanderthal DNA sequenced. Nature

Human chromosome 1 sequencing completed. Reuters, Nature

Mice in lab have inherited a trait without inheriting the corresponding gene. AP, CBC, BBC, ScienceNOW, Nature

Mice deaths caused by RNA interference experiments. NYT, Nature

See also my take on these stories. More RNAi

Half-grizzly, half-polar bear shot in Canada. USAT

Children in the East African drought region need immediate assistance. Reuters

This is going to be another active hurricane season., CNN

Wild bear seen in Germany for first time in 170 years. NG, Der Spiegel, AP

New genetic engineering technique may have huge potential to cure cancer. BBC

Human ancestors may have interbred with chimpanzees. CBC, WP, NYT, WP, Reuters,, Nature, NG, BBC

The Washington Post ran a series of articles commemorating the Challenger disaster. WP

Disease spawned by climate change may kill millions in Africa. Reuters, BBC

African mountains will no longer have snow capped peaks.

GM to introduce more fuel efficient engines in 2007 models. Reuters, AP

Reviews of Al Gore’s climate change movie. NYT, Nature, CSM

WHO says no human to human transmission of bird flu found in Indonesian deaths. NYT, WP, AP

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