Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today in Science

Centrosomes may have their own RNA-based genome. ScienceNOW

An arctic Norwegian island will house a repository of the world’s seeds, just in case. Reuters

Prehistoric ecosystem found in a cave in Israel. Reuters

Mount St. Helen’s is acting up. AP

Canadian researchers are teaming up to find an early test for ovarian cancer. CBC


UN report says the spread of AIDS may be slowing. NYT, BBC, CBC, NYT, LAT

But the drive to stop AIDS is still coming up short. Reuters

UNAIDS meets today to try and boost anti-HIV efforts. WP

India has passed South Africa for most AIDS cases. AP

SE Asia needs to step up anti-HIV efforts. Reuters

Production of oil in Canada is having a negative impact on the environment. WP

Diabetes incidence has significantly increased in the US. Reuters

Canadians are apparently healthier than Americans. AP,

Ginko biloba may actually help the brain. ScienceNOW

4 out of 5 Europeans support a public smoking ban. BBC

Bush administration is cutting energy conservation programs. CSM

2 new studies link global warming with stronger hurricanes. NYT

Another study says that a reduction in pollution is making storms stronger.

DC insiders are starting an internet campaign to get a 2008 bipartisan presidential ticket. WP

More on imprisoned Egyptian bloggers. WP

Rome is hosting a large bird flu meeting. AP

3 armed boy to have surgery. BBC

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