Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today in Science

Mice in lab have inherited a trait without inheriting the corresponding gene. AP, CBC, BBC, ScienceNOW, Nature

Mice deaths caused by RNA interference experiments. NYT, Nature

Scientists are trying to produce cell networks on chips to reduce animal testing. Guardian

Lobsters can detect, avoid other diseased lobsters. CBC, Reuters,

Risk is low for colon cancer for 10 years after negative colonoscopy. WP


Scientists learn more about proteins on the surface of the HIV virus. Reuters

Japanese diet is healthier than US. AP

President Bush wants new nuclear plants to deal with climate change. NYT, WP

Honda has developed technology that allows brain waves to control a robot. AP

Canon is going to stop making film cameras. Reuters

Science scores are up in elementary schools but not for older kids. AP, NYT

Scientists piece together how whales lost their hind legs. CSM

Democrats see stem cells as good election year issue. AP

House reconsiders anti-online gambling bill, this time without Abramhoff influence. WP

Former head of FDA took “Plan B” decision out of the hands of senior staff. Reuters

Swans may be the first to bring bird flu into the US. AP

New Orleans is the most likely place to be hit this hurricane season. Reuters

2 cloned mules are set to race. AP,

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