Monday, May 15, 2006

Today in Science

Children in the East African drought region need immediate assistance. Reuters

Disease spawned by climate change may kill millions in Africa. Reuters, BBC

Less of the Arctic ocean froze this year than ever before. Guardian

Poor nations will urge wealthy nations to do more to combat climate change. Reuters

China's Three Gorges Dam will provide hydroelectric power but the damage to the environment could be severe. Al Jazeera

Invasive Zebra mussels eradicated for first time. WP

Dead penguins covered with oil found in Argentina. NG

Scientists discover protein that regenerates the optic nerve. Guardian

Drug company draws fire for anti-diarrhea drug produced by genetically modified rice. LAT

Conjoined twins separated. WP, WP

DNA tests may reveal Christopher Columbus' origins. WP

British Prime Minister Blair voices support for laboratory testing of animals. Reuters

AstraZeneca wants to buy a biotech company. NYT, BBC

Chinese scientist faked new microchip. NYT, FT, BBC, Reuters

Nebraska fossil bed named national landmark. NG


A vaccine against Chancroid shows promise in pigs, could help reduce the spread of HIV. Reuters

The Washington Post is running a series of articles commemorating the Challenger disaster. WP

South Korean scientists unveil polymer that conducts electricity.

No state will meet 'No Child Left Behind'’ teacher quality goals. WP

Anti-drug prevention programs in schools may do more harm than good. LAT

Republicans may try to reduce penalties for people who enroll late in the Medicare drug plan. WP, NYT, LAT

Bird flu seems to have been largely eliminated in southeast Asia. NYT

The WHO looks to tackle bird flu. Der Spiegel

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