Thursday, May 04, 2006

ROBBLOG Hits the Slightly Bigger Time!

It has recently come to my attention that this site has been added as one of the top 10 sources for science news at

According to the website:

Top 10 Sources is a directory of sites that bring you the freshest, most relevant content on the Web. We know it's impossible for anyone to keep track of the 20 million+ online sources of information. So our editors search Web 2.0 -- blogs, podcasts, wikis, news sites, and every kind of syndicated source online -- by hand. Our Top 10 lists are updated frequently as great new sources come online.

So, I guess this is some vindication that some people may want a lot of science news (with an increasingly occasional side of opinion) all in one place.

More importantly, this site looks like an interesting resource for all kinds of topics. So, check it out.

[PS: On a personal note, everything in DC is cool. I went to Costco today for groceries and saw the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, and Reagan Airport (Man, was I lost).]


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