Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today in Science


Senate Democrats want a vote on stem cell ban. (Senator Frist?) Reuters

The ozone layer may never fully recover. CBC, Reuters

In fact, a new hole in the ozone layer may be developing over Tibet. Al Jazeera

Some numerical constants in physics may not be constant. CSM

Deal reached to build Florida branch of the Scripps Institute. ScienceNOW


A California hospital may have accidentally infected gastric bypass patients with HIV. Reuters, WP

More on the pop ban in schools. WP, NYT, CBC

Frito-Lay to use healthier oil in its chips. WP

Medicare operators give bad advice about the new prescription drug benefit. WP

Drug companies lie to you, doctors. WP

Trade winds may be weakened by climate change. WP, ScienceNOW, Nature

Migratory birds hit by climate change. CBC

FTC: 5 companies sold cell phone records. WP, LAT

Intel unveils $400 laptop. WP

Humans may be causing decreased diversity among "Darwin's finches". Al Jazeera

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