Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today in Science

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Draft of Federal bird flu plan released. NYT, CNN

Businesses aren't ready for bird flu. (Does is seem like I say someone/thing isn't ready for bird flu every day?). WP

Don'’t expect the Federal government to help. WP

Government study eliminated yet another argument against climate change. (Yes, OUR government.) WP, WP,

Congress moves forward with bill to force federally funded research to be available online for free. WP

Pop is out of school! WP, CNN

In a related story, the Federal government says junk food makers should reduce marketing to children. WP, Reuters

Federal court rules that dying patients have right to experimental therapies that have not received final FDA approval. WP, Reuters

Americans are sicklier than Brits. (There are some very tasteful pictures of morbidly obese people to go along with these stories. Enjoy.) WP, NYT, BBC, Guardian,, Nature

Type 2 diabetes raises risk of death 3 times in young people. BBC

1200 pound man. (What? You need more of a tease than that?) Reuters


Zimbabwe is running out of AIDS drugs. Reuters

Microsoft may push back Vista again. Reuters, WP, FT

Pollution in Hong Kong may hurt the city's future status. Reuters

UN Secretary General calls for global forum on bioterrorism. Reuters

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