Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today in Science

Climate changes (not humans) killed off mammoths. CBC, Reuters,, ScienceNOW, WP, USAT, NG

Congress is trying to establish "H-prize" for a hydrogen car.

UK embryos may be screened for disease genes. WP, Guardian, ScienceNOW, Nature, BBC

Exercise may reduce risk of skin cancer.


Scientists have learned more about how HIV takes over cells. BBC

Half-grizzly, half-polar bear shot in Canada. USAT

Most eligible Americans are enrolled in the Medicare drug plan. Reuters

Scientists will meet to discuss abortion drug RU-486. NYT, Reuters

Google to refocus on search engine. FT, WP

No .xxx domain names for porn sites. WP, BBC

States step up oversight of e-voting machines. WP

New version of the SAT is resulting in lower scores. WP, NYT

Senate health insurance bill may be close to defeat. WP, WP

UC San Francisco receives $16 million for stem cell center. WP

Pet cloning. Guardian

Bird flu vaccine trial elicits positive response in volunteers. Reuters

Migrating birds have not spread bird flu from Europe to Africa and back as feared. NYT

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